Philips Green Power CDM-TP MW Elite 315W - 3100K

What is the best colour temperature bulb for my grow?

Have you been wondering which colour temperature bulbs to use during different stages of your indoor cannabis grow cycle? Luckily we’re here to help. Our personal favourite, and what we currently use in our own…
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LED Grow Lights – An Emerging Preference Among A New Era of Growers

A shift from classic to emergent LED technology… Long have Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs been the standard amongst the experienced indoor bush-pirates of BC’s historic cannabis growing community. Grow rooms…
Early cannabis flower showing NO signs of bud rot.

Bud Rot Prevention in the Grow Room

Prevention of mold growth, such as Botrytis cinerea, begins at the basic cultivation and production levels of growing cannabis.
MAC11 by Capulator during Fade

pH & Cannabis

Not sure which pH to run when growing cannabis? Check our simple reference guide to get you growing in the right direction.