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MAC11 by Capulator during Fade

pH & Cannabis

Not sure which pH to run when growing your own recreation or medical cannabis? Check our simple reference guide to get you growing in the right direction. pH can drastically affect which nutrients are available for your plants and can lead to nutrient deficiencies or lockout outside of recommended ranges.

Some growers recommend a slight pH drift to provide the various trace elements and minerals at various stages throughout the plant’s life. Our master growers have dialed in their ranges to those provided below to ensure the best chances for successful growth and yields!

Pro Growers Tip: Add your concentrated pH Up or Down adjuster to 250mL of water and then add it to your reservoir very slowly. This helps prevent overdosing your pH adjusters and makes adjusting pH a breeze!

Check out our Growers FAQ for more info, or Contact Us.

Check out this awesome chart, provided by Bluelab, that shows varying nutrient availability at different pH values.

See here for optimal pH ranges for other commonly grown plants.

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