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Philips Green Power CDM-TP MW Elite 315W - 3100K

What is the best colour temperature bulb for my grow?

Have you been wondering which colour temperature bulbs to use during different stages of your indoor cannabis grow cycle? Luckily we’re here to help.

Our personal favourite, and what we currently use in our own grow are the Philips Master Colour, and Green Power 315w ceramic metal halide bulbs. Their raw output, coupled with excellent UVA/B production make them our go-to lighting source.

During veg we use the Philips Master Colour CDM-T Elite 315W, 4200K lamps as they provide a crisp bright white light that is ideal for vegetative growth. Their efficient, high output ceramic technology runs slightly cooler than typical HPS/MH systems which require higher wattages to reach the same PPF output levels.

315w Philips Master Colour CDM-T Elite spectrum for 4200k

Compared to LED, the UVA/B production is unfathomable. While LED tech is advancing is output and efficiency, very few fixtures have reached their claimed output. And those that do suffer from coverage issues. That’s not to say they have their place!

For this reason we still use and recommend CMH technology.

In flower, we prefer the Philips Green Power CDM-TP MW Elite 315W, 3100K bulbs. Their increased red light output much better simulates the late summer sunlight needed to optimize flower growth.

315w Philips GreenPower CDM spectrum

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Happy Growing!

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