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630w LED Grow Light – Horticulture Full Spectrum – 120v-277v

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630w LED Grow Light

 630w LED in Black Orchid 4x4 grow tent.Our full spectrum 630w LED Grow Light is ideal for growth from seed to harvest. High PPF performance, combined with long lifespan and energy savings for commercial and hobby grow areas. Max out your grow tent with an inch to spare, or provide the ultimate multi-tiered top lighting solution for your commercial or craft grow.

With its large, bar style layout, it cranks out similar powerful performance comparable to other high end led models at a price that’s actually within your budget. This 630W LED grow light is ready to maximize the light availability in your 4×4′ grow tent or space. Compared to many of the quantum board LED’s currently available, the multiple LED strips provide a much more balanced spread of light to the plants’ canopy.

LED Model S Features

    • 0-10v Smart Control Dimming
    • Manually Dimmable: 250w/380w/500w/630w
    • 6 bar LED Fixture
    • Fold-able, winged design leaves no inch of space to be spared.
    • Premium drivers paired with Samsung 301H and Osram deep red LED diodes.
    • 2.7 μmol/J Efficacy
    • High PPF of 1700 μmol/s
    • Max out your lighting capacity in a 5’x5′ grow space, suitable for flower up to 4×4′.
    • UL8800 Damp Location Rating & IP55
    • 4x Ratchet Straps for Hanging and Mounting Lights
    • 3 Year Manufacturer Guarantee*


About the LED Lighting Spectrum

Blue light keeps your crop compact in the vegetative stage and aids in optimal morphogenesis and light interception by the plant. The spread of deep red LEDs in the array guarantees a uniformly mixed spectrum on your crop at a short distance. By providing a full spectrum to your crop, you will see increased crop quality.

  1. 630w LED Model S SQD analysis

For Vegetative Growth:

When powered at lower wattages, the Model S LED grow light is perfectly suited for vegetative plant cycles to help create tightly spaced nodes and compact plants.

For Flower Growth:

For flower and bloom plant growth stages, the full LED panel output at 630 watts will cover a 4′ x 4′ canopy / grow area with ease.

630w led grow light PAR ppf at height

630 watt led grow light PAR map
Average PPFD μmol/(m2·s) at various heights and dimming settings: 400-700

*Compatible with RJ14 controllers for 10v dimming and timer control for 2 zones, up to 100 lights each. Contact support@hydrogrowdirect.com for more details.

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HydroGrowDirect.com Logo - Hydro Grow Direct
  • Weight:
    38 lbs
  • Dimensions:
    48 × 27 × 6 in
  • Amps:


  • Wattage:

    630 watts

  • Voltage:


  • Efficacy:

    2.7 μmol/J

  • Total PPF:

    1700 μmol/s

  • CRI:


  • Beam Angle:

    120 degrees

  • Suggested height above canopy:


  • Service Life @ 18 Hrs/Day:

    50,000 hours

  • Certifications:

    ce, ETL, FCC, LVD, RoHS, UL8800

  • IP Rating:



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