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Philips Master Colour CDM-TP MW Elite 315W – 4200K

$124.99 CAD + applicable taxes.

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Philips Master Colour CDM-TP MW Elite 315W – 4200K Ceramic Metal Halide Bulb


The ultimate, high output solution for a full growth cycle.

The Philips Master Colour CDM-TP MW Elite ceramic metal halide lamp delivers a brighter and optimized light spectrum over conventional metal halide (MH) & high pressure sodium (HPS) lighting technologies. Traditionally, Ceramic Metal Halide lamps were not designed for horticulture applications. They were designed to block UV when lighting products in retail stores. Through use of special glass material, UV production from the lamp is unhindered compared to standard LED technologies.


  • High PPF of 1.95 μmol/s/watt.
  • Ideal Colour Temperature of 4,200°K.
  • 90 CRI provides crisp bright, natural appearing light.
  • 34,300 initial lumen output.
  • 90% lumen output @ 8,000 hrs.
  • 85% maintenance @ 20,000 hrs.
  • For use in either closed or open fixtures.


Master Colour CDM-TP MW Elite Specifications

  • CDM T12 Elite 315/W/942/U/O NA.
  • 315 Watts.
  • 34,300 Lumens.
  • 4200K.
  • Extremely high PPF output from ceramic technology.
  • Philips T12 bulb.
  • PGZX18 Base.


The medium wattage lighting system that gives superior, longer-lasting white light for both indoor and outdoor use.


CMH / HID Features

  • HID Bulbs produce high output for their size making them a compact powerful & efficient light source.
  • HID Bulbs are used for general lighting, professional lighting fixtures, growing applications.
  • HID bulbs put out around 3-5 times greater output (lumens per watt) than traditional halogen bulbs.



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  • Weight:
    0.56 lbs
  • Dimensions:
    2.25 × 9 × 2.25 in
  • Bulb Type:

    Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH), T12

  • Wattage:


  • Lumens:


  • Colour Temperature:


  • CRI:


  • Suggested height above canopy:


  • Fixture Requirement:

    Open, Closed

  • Mounting Position:


  • Base:


  • Warm-Up Time:



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