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The Grower’s Handbook – Teachings of the Garden Sage by David Robinson

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The Grower’s Handbook – Teachings of the Garden Sage by David Robinson


The Garden Sage is a true cash crop professional. He has been guiding gardeners to their greatest successes for over fifteen years. Working full time on the retail floors of busy hydroponic stores has allowed the Garden Sage to deal with an incalculable variance of challenging situations. With years of professional teaching experience under his belt, he knows exactly what you need to know to increase your yields. Highly sought out for his valued consultation, the Garden Sage has improved countless yields and directed the set up of thousands of different gardens. He has been told on many occasions by many people, that the information he has imparted has tremendously boosted their efficiency resulting in the increased  yields and profits.

By being on the front lines of the hydroponic revolution, the Garden Sage has helped many growers to build and perfect their systems. After 15 years of guiding gardeners to their greatest successes, the Garden Sage chose to share his expertise by teaching his skills to others. His courses benefited many growers at various levels of skill and knowledge. The basis of the curriculum that the Garden sage provided in his courses became the outline for his book, the Grower’s Handbook. The combination of his education, experience and research has put him at the top of his field. He cares about what works and what doesn’t. The Garden Sage has had the advantage of getting feedback from thousands of growers; from growers with small personal garden’s, to producers of major Crops.

When you see the results of utilizing the Garden Sage’s wisdom, you’ll want to come back for more and more.

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